Тест №3-4.

Прочитайте текст. Установите соответствие между заголовками A-H и текстами 1-7. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу (вставив буквы A-H). Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.

1. The meal times are scheduled in the daily programmes. Menu for the day is posted at the entrance of the restaurant. During the cruise you will enjoy cuisine variety in the restaurant. If for some reason you are on a special diet, please, inform the reception staff about it. Tea and coffee are included with each meal. Bar drinks can be purchased from the bartenders in the bar or in the restaurant during meal times.
2. You can purchase stamps, envelopes and postcards at the Reception Desk. Mail will be sent from the nearest port. Pay phone cards to make a local, distant or international call are available at the Reception Desk. The Receptionists will show you the location of the pay phone on board.
3. Most of tours involve a considerable amount of walking, thus comfortable walking shoes are advised. Dress code on board is generally casual. A visit to Orthodox churches or monasteries requires observing certain regulations, such as wearing trousers for gentlemen, no shorts, long skirts or pants and head scarves for ladies. For Captain's Dinner you might prefer to have a dressier outfit.
4. You can contribute to environmental protection by lessening the damage caused by detergents. Your towel will be changed when you drop it down on the floor of your bathroom. If you leave it hanging, we would assume you are intending to use it again. Generally bath towels are changed every third day, hand towels - every day.
5. If you would like to extend your programme we are pleased to offer you a number of optional tours. Bills for optional tours will be added to your ship account. In every port of call you are requested to observe the departure time of the ship. Make sure you are on board no later than 15 minutes before the ship disembarks.
6. Schedules are delivered daily. Route information is posted on bulletin board. Radio announcements for guests will go over the passengers address system. The staff is open to your questions and happy to accommodate you.
7. You are travelling on a ship conforming to security standards accepted in the world. The crew of the ship is well trained for emergency action. In case of emergency situation on board follow the instructions of crew members. Use your life vest which is stored under your bed. When walking along the decks be very cautious as decks may be slippery when wet, be very careful on steep staircases.

A. Room service
B. Safety on board
C. Information
D. Post office and telephone
E. Entertainment
F. Restaurant
G. Excursions
H. Dress code

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