Тест №3-11.

Comment on the following statement.

In achieving personal happiness, our relationships with other people (family, friends, colleagues) are more important than anything else. Issues such as work and wealth take second place.

What is your opinion?
Write 200-250 words.
Use the following plan:
— make an introduction (state the problem)
— express your personal opinion and give reasons for it
— give arguments for the other point of view and explain why you don’t agree with it
— draw a conclusion


Nowadays people have different views on achieving personal happiness. Some think that good relationships with other people are the most valuable thing in life. Others believe that personal happiness is only based on wealth and work. So, what happiness consists of?
I put relationships with family, friends and collegues on the first place. First of all, good relationships let us feel valued and beloved. Only this will help you stay in an excellent mood.
Also, many research show that poor relationships may result in illness and affect people's health. And if a person is unhealthy and always under pressure, he can not feel happy. And last but not the least, good relationships with people help us achieve success in life which is one more step to happiness.
However, some people believe that there are more important things which make you happy. They mention that well-paying work gives people feeling of independence which is a key to happiness. Also, these people think that only money helps people feel happy because you can buy everything you want. However, I do not agree with this point of view and still believe that money can never buy true relationships, love, and friendship.
To sum it up, I would like to say that the most important thing that let us achieve
happiness is good relationships with people surrounding us. Work and wealth tend to change but true relationships will stay and your closest people will always help you achieve happiness in life.
246 words


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