TOEIC №1-9.

Short Talks

You will hear a short talk. In your test book, you will see several
questions on the talk and four possible answers. Choose the best answer to the question.

41. A B C D

Where was this announcement made?
(A) On a train.
(B) At an intersection.
(C) On an escalator.
(D) In a grain elevator.

42. A B C D

What kind of service is provided?
(A) Express - no stops.
(B) Local - all stops.
(C) Limited - some stops.
(D) Out-of-service.

43. A B C D

What should people take to work in the morning?
(A) Snow boots.
(B) Luggage.
(C) Sunscreen.
(D) Umbrellas.

44. A B C D

When will the weather clear up?
(A) By 6:00 AM.
(B) By noon.
(C) By late afternoon.
(D) By early evening.

45. A B C D

Why is power being turn off?
(A) To reduce total demand.
(B) To save money.
(C) To make it cooler.
(D) To make the city pay its bill.

46. A B C D

How long will power be off?
(A) Longer than two hours.
(B) Less than two hours.
(C) For one day.
(D) Until the weather changes.

47. A B C D

Where does this announcement take place?
(A) On a tour bus.
(B) At the shore.
(C) In a cocktail lounge.
(D) On a ship.

48. A B C D

What is required for the first excursion?
(A) A hearty breakfast.
(B) Some beautiful clothes.
(C) A ticket.
(D) A health report.

49. A B C D

What is being offered?
(A) A television.
(B) A radio.
(C) A video recorder.
(D) A remote control device.

50. A B C D

How can a consumer learn more?
(A) Have a salesperson call at home.
(B) Visit their office.
(C) Call a toll-free number.
(D) Read an electronic magazine.

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