Тест №4-3.

Вы услышите интервью с преподавателем школы Великобритании. Выполните задания A8-A14, вставив цифру 1, 2 или 3, соответствующую выбранному варианту ответа. Прослушайте запись дважды.

A8 Ann considers her work at school as:
1) her occupation
2) an important part of her social life
3) a way of making friends

A9 According to Ann, teaching at Hampton:
1) is frustrating and stressful
2) is full of discipline problems
3) is a great privilege

A10 Ann says that teaching is a combination of:
1) a pleasure of having a class and a pleasure of exhaustion
2) hard work and rewarding students
3) uninspiring students and paper work

A11 Why does Ann enjoy teaching the Sixth Form?
1) she likes the privileges given.
2) she enjoys calm and friendly atmosphere.
3) she appreciates the chance to communicate with individuals.

A12 What are the dangers the education can face soon?
1) no broad education.
2) no sight of danger.
3) no real purposes.

A13 Which events does Ann keep in her recollections?
1) Craft work.
2) Raising funds.
3) Making fairs.

A14 Ann regrets that modern students choose subjects according to:
1) their attempt to assess information.
2) their desire to expand their knowledge.
3) the practical usefulness for the exam.

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