Тест №3-6.

Прочитайте текст и выполните задания A15-A21, вставив цифру 1, 2, 3 или 4, соответствующую номеру выбранного вами варианта ответа.


There is a definite buzz to Wimbledon in July. This is the 'village' where Londoners celebrate both the sun and their proud lawn tennis roots. When you see the crowds streaming into the streets wearing sunglasses, summery dresses and straw hats, it's like an official decree from the Queen herself: the long awaited British summer has rolled in.
Up until 6 July, there is only one reason to come to Wimbledon: tennis.
Over one fortnight in June and July, the world's top-seeded players fight it out in a grass court for the prestigious trophies. The atmosphere is electric. Famous faces dot the crowds, English flags wave for the players and vendors do a steady trade in strawberries and cream, which has come to be the official food of the Championships.
It is possible to get a ticket for Wimbledon on the day of the match. Get up and get there as early as possible. Day-of-play tickets are sold on strictly one-per-person queuing basis. Queues can be extremely long and your position in the queue cannot be reserved by equipment, you must be there in person!
If you've missed the Championships, make up for it with a visit to the award-winning Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. The museum offers a glimpse of how the gentle game of lawn tennis, once all the rage on the lawns of Victorian England and with origins that go far back to Medieval Royal Tennis, has become a multi-million dollar professional sport.
The museum offers wonderful views over Centre Court. You'll find memorabilia donated from famous players and great footage of past matches, as well as art and artifacts that bring the excitement of the sport to life.
Visitors also partake in the other game in Wimbledon: walking. Take a picnic on one of Wimbledon's many green areas. Wimbledon Common covers about 1,140 acres of woodland, heath land and mown recreation areas. Ten ponds promote a variety of bird, animal and plant life. The entire area is unfenced and is open to the public 24-hours a day throughout the year.
Shopaholics should head for the 320,000 square foot shopping centre at Centre Court, Wimbledon - the heart of Wimbledon retail. Three floors, with 62 shops and food outlets offer visitors a plethora of pleasant shopping. It's also a convenient place to purchase memorabilia or to get a snack and stock up on provisions before the big match at the Wimbledon Tennis Grounds.
If you wish to seek out a bit of quiet time perhaps to meditate and think winning thoughts for your chosen tennis player hopeful, the first Buddhist temple in the UK is the place to visit. Four peaceful acres encompass an imposing temple, ornamental lake, a small grove, flower garden and orchard.

A15 Wimbledon is a famous place in England where you can:
1) see fashionably dressed people.
2) celebrate the beginning of summer.
3) buy strawberries and cream.
4) watch tennis matches.

A16 Tennis Championship:
1) is officially announced by the Queen.
2) takes place over one fortnight.
3) is a close event.
4) is the time when Londoners celebrate the sun.

A17 In paragraph 2 'day-of-play' means that:
1) one person can buy many tickets for the match.
2) you can get a ticket on the day of the match.
3) you can book a ticket on the day of the match.
4) you must queue for a while.

A18 In the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum you can:
1) trace the history of tennis.
2) play tennis.
3) become a multi-million dollar professional.
4) see famous players.

A19 Wimbledon Common is:
1) a private area.
2) rich in flora and fauna.
3) another game in Wimbledon.
4) just a picnic area.

A20 Where can you have a meal?
1) at the Wimbledon Tennis Grounds.
2) at Centre Court.
3) at Wimbledon Common.
4) at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum.

A21 The Buddhist temple
1) is the only place to visit in Wimbledon.
2) is the place for religious people.
3) is a beautiful place to visit and meditate.
4) is the fourth in the UK.

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