Тест №1-3.

Вы услышите интервью, которое школьница берет у своей бабушки для школьной радиогазеты. Выполните задания A8-A14 вставив цифру 1, 2 или 3, соответствующую выбранному варианту ответа. Прослушайте запись дважды.

A8. The girl’s grandmother goes by the name of Elaine because
1) it is only natural to go by one’s first name for a girl.
2) she didn’t like her real first name and changed it when she grew up.
3) she wanted to avoid confusion with other female members in the family.

Elaine liked primary school because
1) she could be alone at least on the way to school.
2) her teacher always made her feel special.
3) she could learn more, listening to older kids.

Among Elaine’s chores was
1) waxing the floors.
2) tidying the closets.
3) washing the dishes.

When in high school Elaine
1) proved to be a natural dancer.
2) couldn’t learn to play basketball.
3) could take athletics with boys.

She got a chance to go to college because
1) her employer helped her to continue her education.
2) she earned enough money working at the creamery and at the cafeteria.
3) she got an academic scholarship.

She majored in
1) economics.
2) home economics education.
3) education.

A14. Elaine had a big family, and remembering her kids growing up
1) she feels sorry she had so many children.
2) she wishes she had more.
3) she believes it was a reward for all her previous problems.

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