TOEIC №4-18.

Part IV: Short Talks

You will see several questions on the talk and four possible answers. Choose the best answer to the question.

91. A B C D

What did the airlines do to increase sales?
(A) Reduce ticket prices.
(B) Provide more polite service.
(C) Make partnerships with hotels.
(D) Serve better meals.

92. A B C D

Why have these airlines lost customers?
(A) Fewer people are flying.
(B) The planes were always late.
(C) Regional airlines are competing.
(D) It's off-season.

93. A B C D

Who would be like to call this number?
(A) A salesperson.
(B) A computer user.
(C) A customer service representative.
(D) An accountant.

94. A B C D

What should you do if you want information not listed?
(A) Dial 10.
(B) Hang up and call again.
(C) Go to a local store.
(D) Stay on the line.

95. A B C D

What is the destination for this flight?
(A) Dallas.
(B) Houston.
(C) Madison.
(D) Wilmington.

96. A B C D

What does the captain say about the flight?
(A) It will be late.
(B) There will be turbulence.
(C) It will be smooth.
(D) The flying altitude will be low.

97. A B C D

What is the weather like there?
(A) Humid.
(B) Rainy.
(C) Breezy.
(D) Sunny.

98. A B C D

What kind of problem does the area have?
(A) There was an accident on the freeway.
(B) The area is flooded.
(C) There was a fire.
(D) There was an earthquake.

99. A B C D

Why are local relief centers running low on food?
(A) Food victims have filled the shelters.
(B) Food spoiled because of moisture.
(C) There was too much rain to grow food.
(D) They cannot deliver the food.

100. A B C D

If you want to donate food, where should you take it?
(A) To the public.
(B) The relief center.
(C) The radio station.
(D) A food collection center.


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