TOEIC №4-17.

Part IV: Short Talks

You will see several questions on the talk and four possible answers. Choose the best answer to the question.

81. A B C D

Who is the audience for this advertisement?
(A) Airline pilots.
(B) Businesspeople.
(C) Tourists.
(D) Students.

82. A B C D

Why is this computer useful away from the office?
(A) It's portable.
(B) It can be rented.
(C) It has a long-life battery pack.
(D) It's easy to use.

83. A B C D

What best describes the weather conditions the area is facing?
(A) Cold.
(B) Fog.
(C) Snow and ice.
(D) Wind and rain.

84. A B C D

What problems will this weather cause tomorrow?
(A) People will have trouble getting to work.
(B) People won't have enough heat.
(C) Flights will be canceled.
(D) People should buy plenty of food.

85. A B C D

According to the study, who is expected to be the least fit?
(A) A mail carrier.
(B) A construction worker.
(C) An oil rigger.
(D) An accountant.

86. A B C D

Which is mentioned as a way to get more exercise?
(A) Doing aerobics after work.
(B) Riding a stationary bicycle during breaks.
(C) Walking during lunch.
(D) Stretching.

87. A B C D

Where would you be likely to hear this message?
(A) At a government agency.
(B) On a personal phone.
(C) At a recording studio.
(D) On an intercom.

88. A B C D

What type of message should you leave?
(A) Confidential.
(B) Clear.
(C) Detailed.
(D) Short.

89. A B C D

What can this company do for you?
(A) Prepare your taxes.
(B) Claim your return.
(C) Write your financial records.
(D) Staff your accounting department.

90. A B C D

How does the company determine its fees?
(A) By a flat rate.
(B) With a single price.
(C) By a prorated amount.
(D) By an hourly rate.


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