TOEIC №3-34.


Directions: in this part, you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, letters, and advertisements. Each text is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.


Questions 196-200 refer to the following classified ad and article.


Are you tired of wasting all of your hard-earned money paying for somebody else's mortgage? You can put the same money into a property that you own. Watch our investment row as Vancouver becomes one of the most profitable housing markets in the Western world!
Whether you need a one-bedroom studio, or a three-bedroom condo, Pacific Realtors will help you find your dream home. We can also give you all of the information you need to turn your home into a future rental property.
Don't wait! Right now Canadian banks are offering low-interest rates with no money down for first time homebuyers.
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Vancouver Mix
To Rent or Own?
By Mary Harris
With interest rates at an all-time low, real estate agents are pressuring international clients to buy rather than rent a home. Is the housing market really as good as they say? Some experts say no. To buy a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Vancouver, a foreign investor will spend close to $300,000, says Vicki Green, a real estate analyst with more than 20 years in the business. Though the property may offer a beautiful view of the mountains from the twenty-first floor, there is no guarantee that another tower will not be built in front of it.

Property owners throughout the downtown core have complained of their properties losing value for this very reason, Green says. The idea of purchasing property in order to rent it out for profit is also becoming less attractive. "Finding tenants who are willing to pay up to $2000 per month to cover someone else's mortgage is not as easy as it used to be," says Green. Living outside of the city and commuting to work is becoming more and more appealing to renters who can't afford urban prices.

196. What is being advertised?
(A) Real estate services
(B) Rental agencies
(C) Beachfront restaurants
(D) Interest-free bank rates

197. According to the ad, why is Canada a good place to buy a home now?
(A) There are a lot of jobs on the market.
(B) Housing prices are dropping.
(C) Interest rates are low.
(D) There are many condominiums available.

198. Who is used as a source in Mary Harris's article?
(A) A real estate expert
(B) A financial expert
(C) A marketing agent
(D) A foreign investor

199. Which of the following statements from the ad does Vicki Green disagree with?
(A) Condominiums can be turned into rental properties.
(B) Canadian banks offer low-interest rates.
(C) Pacific Realtors help people find dream homes.
(D) Vancouver is a profitable housing market.

200. Why might foreign investors have difficulty turning their Vancouver homes into rental properties?
(A) Fewer tenants are choosing homes in urban centers.
(B) Canadians prefer to rent from local landlords.
(C) Renters don't like driving to work.
(D) Canada's laws don't allow international buyers.

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