TOEIC №3-33.


Directions: in this part, you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, letters, and advertisements. Each text is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.


Questions 191-195 refer to the following rental lease and lease amendment.

Lease Agreement
This agreement is made on: January 13, 20--, between Warren K. Brown (landlord) and Tina Perez (tenant).
Address of property to rent: Apartment #301, 345 Ocean Drive, Auckland 1005. New Zealand
Terms of Agreement:
Lease term begins: March 1, 20--

Length of lease: One year
Cost of rent/month: $506 (utilities to be paid by tenant)
Deposit: One month's rent, non-refundable, payable on signature of this agreement.
Rent to be paid on the first day of month to landlord at Apartment #101, 345 Ocean Drive, Auckland 1005.
Landlord accepts cash or check.

No Parking
No Pets
No Parties

Signed: Warren K. Brown (landlord), Tina Peret (tenant)

Amendment to Lease
With the permission of both Warren K. Brown (landlord) and Tina Perez (tenant) the following changes have been made to the lease of the following premises: Apartment #301, 345 Ocean Drive, Auckland 1005, dated January 13, 20--.
l. One small dog or cat is permitted in the apartment. Dogs must be on a leash on apartment grounds. One noise complaint related to pets will result in a warning. Two noise complaints will result in a notice to vacate.
2. The tenant will be responsible for carpet cleaning at least two days prior to moving out of the premises.
3. A $200 pet deposit will be collected. Return of the deposit will be at the landlord's approval after tenant moves out or after pet is gone.

Signed: Warren K. Brown (landlord), Tina Peret (tenant)
Date: May 17, 20--

191. How much money did Tina give her landlord on the day the lease was signed?
(A) $0
(B) $200
(C) $506
(D) $506 plus a deposit

192. How long has Tina committed to living in apartment #301?
(A) At least two days
(B) Almost two months
(C) One year
(D) Two years

193. Why was there a change made to the original lease?
(A) Tina wanted to move out.
(B) Tina wanted to get a pet.
(C) Tina's apartment was dirty.
(D) Tina's animals were noisy.

194. What promise does Tina make on May 17?
(A) She will give up both of her pets.
(B) She will keep her carpets clean.
(C) She will try to be quieter.
(D) She will only keep a small pet.

195. When Tina moves out, how much money will be refunded to her if her apartment is clean?
(A) No refunds will be made.
(B) The total of her pet deposit
(C) One month's rent
(D) The cost of her utilities



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