TOEIC №3-18.

Part IV: Short Talks

You will see several questions on the talk and four possible answers. Choose the best answer to the question.

91. A B C D

What is the approximate temperature for today?
(A) About 15 degrees
(B) About 60 degrees.
(C) About 65 degrees.
(D) About 90 degrees.

92. A B C D

What does the weather forecaster suggest that people do?
(A) Stay inside.
(B) Go outdoors.
(C) Take sunglasses.
(D) Wear a sweater.

93. A B C D

What is included in the cost of the lodge?
(A) Breakfast and dinner.
(B) Ski equipment.
(C) Ski lift tickets.
(D) Lunch on the ski slopes.

94. A B C D

What does the hotel offer if you don't know how to ski?
(A) A beautiful view.
(B) Ski instruction.
(C) Low prices.
(D) A rental shop.

95. A B C D

How long are the delays?
(A) 5 minutes.
(B) 15 minutes.
(C) 45 minites.
(D) 4 hours.

96. A B C D

What is causing the delays?
(A) Weather.
(B) Engine trouble.
(C) Power problems.
(D) Damage to the tracks.

97. A B C D

What are they doing to help people commute quickly?
(A) Providing bus service.
(B) Asking commuters to wait.
(C) Trying to fix the trains.
(D) Using extra trains.

98. A B C D

What happened at Central and Main?
(A) An explosion.
(B) An infection.
(C) An exception.
(D) An irritation.

99. A B C D

What was probably the cause of the problem?
(A) An electric wire.
(B) A water pipe.
(C) A hole in the street.
(D) A gas leak.

100. A B C D

What happpened to nearby office workers?
(A) They were injured.
(B) They were removed.
(C) They were reported.
(D) They were suspected.


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