TOEIC №3-17.

Part IV: Short Talks

You will see several questions on the talk and four possible answers. Choose the best answer to the question.

81. A B C D

Where is this train located?
(A) In an airport.
(B) In a city.
(C) Along the coast.
(D) At an amusement park.

82. A B C D

Where should you stand when in a train car?
(A) By the doors.
(B) By the windows.
(C) In the center.
(D) At either end.

83. A B C D

When on Sundays is the museum open?
(A) In the morning.
(B) In the afternoon.
(C) In the evening.
(D) All day.

84. A B C D

If you would like information about lectures, what should you do?
(A) Go to the museum.
(B) Write a letter.
(C) Call another number.
(D) Stay on the line.

85. A B C D

What is the first step in getting organized?
(A) Set a timeline.
(B) Get clutter out of your life.
(C) Buy a calendar.
(D) Make a list of things to be done.

86. A B C D

What should you do next?
(A) Rank the tasks by their importance.
(B) Do a little work on every task.
(C) Start working on the first task.
(D) Eliminate items and rewrite the list.

87. A B C D

What does the advertisement encourage you to do?
(A) Take a holiday.
(B) Redecorate your office.
(C) Look at your office again.
(D) Save some money.

88. A B C D

Which items does the ad mention?
(A) Decorations.
(B) Carpeting.
(C) Wallpaper.
(D) Furniture.

89. A B C D

What is this announcement for?
(A) Schoolteachers.
(B) Schoolchildren.
(C) Volunteer tutors.
(D) Businesspeople.

90. A B C D

How much time does it take to participate?
(A) A minimum of 2 hours a week.
(B) A maximum of 2 hours a week.
(C) One week a year.
(D) One day a year.


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